What Is The Training Arcade™?

The Training Arcade™ brought to you by The Game Agency, is a library of fun, casual games that can be rapidly customized with your content to reinforce educational material, assess knowledge retention, measure overall teaching effectiveness, and improve learning outcomes.

Why The Training Arcade™?

Traditional eLearning is primarily passive, which can be uninspiring, disengaging, and ineffective. The games in The Training Arcade™ actively engage learners with content to drive a more meaningful & rewarding experience and longer term retention.

93% of companies that use game-based learning say it is superior to other forms of rich-skill practice.

As a complement to traditional eLearning, games increase retention 15x more than traditional methods alone. 15x

Analytics Dashboard

The Training Arcade™ analytics dashboard is engineered to unveil patterns of individual and group engagement with your material. It delivers actionable data to improve your training ROI by revealing knowledge gaps, personality behaviors, and group comparisons.