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10 Reasons Games Improve Employee Engagement

The 2022 Training Industry Report from Training Magazine estimates that companies spent an average of $1,200 per year per employee on training in 2022. 

However, without practical follow-up or meaningful assessments, learners lose 90% of the skills they learn in those programs. That’s a lot of training dollars to throw down the drain. 

To be more effective, invest in game-based learning and gamification strategies that are proven to increase engagement, improve knowledge retention and deliver business results.

Improve engagement with your training by using games and game-based learning.

1. Games Improve Engagement

Games put learners in the center of the action. They challenge them to use their knowledge and skills to overcome obstacles, try again when they fail, and offer rewards when they succeed. When learners are emotionally and mentally engaged, they are more likely to absorb knowledge and retain what they’ve learned.


2. Games Provide Feedback and Rewards

Training games provide a playground for employees to practice skills, achieve goals, and earn rewards. Immediate feedback keeps learners on track, and goal-setting motivates them to improve their scores—while increasing knowledge retention and performance.


3. Games Can Be Played Anywhere

With the prevalence of remote work, employees also need more flexible learning. Games from The Training Arcade® can deploy on phones, tablets, or desktops. The Training Arcade is not an app, plugin, or program that needs to be installed. Simply share a URL or SCORM wrap the game into your LMS, and your learners can access and play instantly from anywhere. 


4. Games are an Effective Form of Microlearning

Today’s learners have competing demands on their attention. A series of short, highly-focused games reduces cognitive overload by driving home key points. Learn more about how games are the perfect tool for microlearning.


5. Games Provide Rich, Actionable Data

Games provide you with instant data that unveils learner behavior and reveals knowledge gaps. You can look at individual games and players, or compare different groups. As you learn more about how your employees interact with your training material, you can adjust your strategy, leverage skills more effectively, and optimize your return on investment (ROI).


Instantly reveal learning patterns and knowledge gaps with our analytics tool.

6. Games Provide a Safe Space to Fail

The saying is all too true, we learn best from our mistakes. Using games and game-based learning, learners can experience those mistakes without all the consequences of making them on the job. Learners will reengage with games to correct mistakes to receive a higher score – reengaging with your training material while they do it.


7. Games are Social and Collaborative

Games encourage healthy competition and collaborative learning, encouraging people to stay engaged in your training program while building a learning community. Our multiplayer, virtual JEOPARDY!® game is perfect for engaging your learners in the classroom, on Zoom, or in the boardroom.


8. Games Keep Learners Coming Back Again & Again

Repetition is the key to retention. The best training games are fun and fast, helping learners digest your message and improve prescribed skills. 57% of learners played training games in The Training Arcade three or more times. Gamification drives learners to try again to receive a higher score and move up the leaderboard. 


9. Games Provide Storytelling That Helps Learners Connect with Content

Stories help learners connect with and recall content by allowing them to visualize themselves in a situation. Games, like any good story, provide context, conflict, and resolution that serve to capture and maintain attention. 


10. Games Engage Attendees at Live Events or for Live Training

Games are a fantastic way to engage your learners at meetings and training conferences. The Training Arcade has two games, JEOPARDY! and Trivia, that can be played in Instructor Led Mode (ILT) or Virtual Instructor Led Mode (VILT). Engage your audience in-person, virtually, or a mixture of both. Turn that training or presentation into a fun, engaging, and interactive game.


Engage your live audience with JEOPARDY!® or Trivia from The Training Arcade®

Be a Training Hero

For more information or to book a walk-through of game-building software, get in touch with and start your journey to becoming a training hero today.

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