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COVID19 Update from The Training Arcade®

We want to help

Your training helps each of your employees do their jobs better, empowers them to be more productive people, and supports them as professionals. The result? A more successful company.

And now, with the world turned on its head, your job has never been more challenging or important.  Everyone’s working from home. ILT has been turned into VILT, and you have to teach everyone new skills and procedures.

We want to help.  

If you sign up for a free trial before June 30th, 2020, you’ll have 30 days and 1 admin to create games and engage your learners. Use code VIRTUAL30 and sign up here. If you convert that trial account into a paid account, we’ll add 2 extra free months onto your subscription!*

If you’re already a subscriber to The Training Arcade®, we’ve just added two additional months to your subscription, including Jeopardy!® We hope this will give you some extra time to convert your training from ILT to VILT. 

We’re a telephone call or email away. We are happy to help you create games, help you run virtual games and tournaments, and answer any questions you have. We can also set up a demo for your team.

The games you create will bring together your community through competition and collaboration and will keep them emotionally and intellectually connected to your content and your organization.

We’re here to help.  Just let us know how.


Joe, Richard, and Stephen

* Offer expires June 30th, 2020

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