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Case Study

Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Manufacturing & Distribution


Boiron, an established homeopathic medicine manufacturer, and distributor wanted a game-based training program that helps with learner engagement and retention. They were looking for an opportunity a create a fresh training approach that alllows learners to evaluate real-life situations related to consultation and patient communication. Boiron felt that this active game-based type of learning would be more effective as opposed to having their pharmacists just memorizing the content.

  • Using the full spectrum of game earning The Training Arcade® offers they were able to sharpen critical thinking and decision-making skills. Skills essential for Boiron at all levels, with their own content.

Boiron Case Study

Solution The Training Arcade®, to help improve Boiron’s training from simple board games to enhanced digital games

We leveraged our game development authoring tool, The Training Arcade®, to help improve Boiron’s training from simple board games to enhanced digital games that can be shared with just a URL. Boiron was able to create their own games with their content that focused on the human-based, empathetic complexities healthcare professionals often face when prescribing homeopathetic medicine. The concept emphasizes that there are no right or wrong answers and instead focuses on coming up with a consensus of the ideal response according to the presented circumstances. 

Game-based training helps with critical thinking and decision-making skills. These skills are essential for healthcare professionals, and Boiron was able to create their own games to train complicated content. The games they used to accomplish this are:

Boiron Case Study

Customizable learning tools Boiron used the broad spectrum of learning tools each of The Training Arcade®'s games provide

With these game choices like Sort-It, Trivia and Detective, Boiron was able to simulate real-life environment so the learner may experience first-hand situations they may encounter in their field.

Sort-It: This game has a grid of labels in which the learner must find where each component fits. It is categorized by terms or subjects that the learner can match by memory. The learner relies on their knowledge to organize them correctly, linking elements in the process.


Trivia: Boiron created a very simple and easy-to-build Trivia game with the top 25 questions most pharmacists ask. With this game, they could immediately identify, based on the length of time it took to answer the question and the accuracy, which question was the most challenging. This helped them ensure that the Detective game covered the most challenging topics in more depth.

Detective: This game focuses on decision-making and the in-depth understanding of a situation. Boiron requested to have a customized Detective game to be a consultation as opposed to a police inquiry. The learner gathers clues from the patient’s answers to help deduce the best medication for them. The game instructs learners to select the correct treatment and the reasoning to support their choice. This gives the learner the opportunity to see why they had failed or succeeded with helpful feedback.

Boiron Case Study

Data driven insights The Training Arcade®’s analytics dashboard provides instant feedback so Boiron's trainers could adapt on the fly

Bonus Functionalities

The game play results are tracked in The Training Arcade’s analytics dashboard to help inform creators on learner activity and scores, offering deep insight into the learner’s mind. The analytics also helps creators see what may be working or what improvements may help in the future. Boiron was able to see how the learners did on every attempt which showed that the more often they played, the more knowledge they retained.

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