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Professional Meet Up Series!

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  • Since the Clue Crew was created in 2001, Sarah Whitcomb Foss and Jimmy McGuire have recorded clues in over 300 cities, 47 countries, all 50 states and on all seven continents.

Transform Your Event Attendees into Superstar Contestants with a JEOPARDY!® Game Hosted by the Show's Official Clue Crew!

Want your next virtual conference or company meeting to be talked about for months? With the online multiplayer JEOPARDY! game hosted by one of the talented members of the JEOPARDY! Clue Crew, you will have your audience hanging on their every word! Each game can be content specific to your company, written by you or our instructional designers in collaboration with your subject matter experts.

The official JEOPARDY! game for training and education brings all the sights and sounds of America’s Favorite Quiz Show® to life with rounds for JEOPARDY!, Double JEOPARDY!, and Final JEOPARDY! plus “Daily Doubles”. Within the faithfully recreated version of the TV show, you will deeply engage your audience with clues relevant to your company and event.

Your audience will be thrilled and asking for more!

Clue Crew Game Hosting

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Clue Crew (Jimmy or Sarah)* includes:

    • One hour of editorial feedback from our game and instructional writers
    • 30-minute dress rehearsal
    • One hour game hosting and live production support
    • Additional support services available

* The choice of Jimmy or Sarah is subject to availability

Meet Your Hosts

The Clue Crew has shot clues in more than 300 cities worldwide, 50 states, 47 countries and on all seven continents.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Whitcomb Foss began exploring exciting clue locations in 2001 as an original member of the JEOPARDY!® Clue Crew. Since then, her JEOPARDY!® travels have taken her to 37 countries and all seven continents. Two of her favorite trips with the Clue Crew were to the Arctic and Antarctica.

As a former news anchor and reporter, Sarah is always eager to put her journalism skills to use, seeking out intriguing locations for the Clue Crew to visit. She has proven over the years that she is willing to journey to the ends of the earth for her job: Sarah has flown over Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea volcano, been catapulted off a Navy aircraft carrier in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, gone scuba diving with sharks, ridden aboard the famous Orient Express, and hiked through ancient Moai statues on Easter Island, and has snowboarded, skydived and parasailed – all in the name of the Clue Crew. 

Two of her favorite trips with the Clue Crew were to the Arctic and Antarctica, where she recorded clues about global warming and its impact on wildlife in the polar regions. Determined not to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Sarah decided to jump (quickly) into the water at both locations, making her one of a small group of people to have done polar plunges at both the North and South Poles. When she’s not busy exploring the globe for JEOPARDY!®, Sarah enjoys traveling with her family. Her daughters, Taylor, 7, and Reagan, 2, seem to have already caught Mom’s travel bug and have flown on more than 150 airplanes. Sarah and her husband, Chris, also love cheering on their college alma mater, the University of Southern California.  

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy McGuire is proud to be an original member of the JEOPARDY!® Clue Crew, and Season 37 marks his 20th season with the show. His natural enthusiasm and innate curiosity are evident when he’s on camera, delivering clues from some of the world’s most fascinating destinations.

Jimmy is a Pittsburgh native, who, prior to joining the Clue Crew, worked as a segment producer and reporter for a local television newsmagazine after graduating from Ohio University. He is a huge football fan, so one can imagine his excitement when he got the chance to throw passes with his favorite team – the Steelers – for a JEOPARDY!® category, an experience he counts among the highlights of his time with the show.

The Clue Crew has shot clues in more than 350 cities worldwide, 50 states, 47 countries and on all seven continents. In the U.S., his travel has spanned the country from Hawaii to Martha’s Vineyard, and he counts Rome, Tokyo, Dublin, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Rio de Janeiro among his favorite international locations. In April 2017, Jimmy had the “trip of a lifetime” circumnavigating the Baltic Sea aboard the National Geographic Orion with Lindblad Expeditions, a 14-day adventure of 1,700 nautical miles that took him to eight countries to record clues. Later that year, he accompanied Alex Trebek on a trip to the Galápagos Islands, another journey that Jimmy counts among his most memorable experiences.

One of Jimmy’s most meaningful moments as a member of the Clue Crew took place during the summer of 2019 while traveling to Budapest with Viking River Cruises. As an American with Jewish heritage, he was honored to visit and record clues at The Dohany Street Synagogue. Also known as the Great Synagogue, it’s the largest synagogue in Europe and seats up to 3,000 people. He met with Rabbi Frolich, who kindly extended a personal invitation to attend his Friday night service while in town, which Jimmy accepted. He says it was a night he’ll never forget.

When not taping clues for Jeopardy!, Jimmy enjoys life with his wife, Kim, and “bonus” daughter, Madison, as well as playing golf, physical fitness, and taking drum lessons.

Try out the demos below; the entertaining 80’s Pop Culture challenge or the TV Challenge which is based on actual clues from a previously aired JEOPARDY!® episode.

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