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Professional Meet Up Series!

Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

Join Us for JEOPARDY!®️ Every Friday at 1 pm ET

Play a JEOPARDY!® Game on fun pop-culture content live on Zoom! There is a new game every week!

Experience First-Hand How Games Can Super Charge Your Training.

Games Are Where the Learning Happens! 

According to a 2021 study, 67% of American adults play games. With 227 million people playing games across the US- there’s a really good chance your workers are among them.

So . . . meet your employees where they are.

Add game-based training and gamification to your learning strategy and see an increase in:

  • employee participation
  • training enjoyment
  • knowledge retention

Yes, they will actually look forward to training AND your training will be more effective. Win. Win.

Schedule a quick call here and let us show you how easy it is. 

Build as Many Games as You Want.

Choose from a library of 10 customizable interactive training games (including the only officially licensed JEOPARDY!® and Wheel of Fortune® game for training). Customize your game with your own training content, images and videos and share with your team in minutes.

No coding required!

Build a learning community with our gamification platform, Arcades™ and motivate your learners with solo and team games, learning journeys, badges, leaderboards and prizes.

See it in Action. Play a Demo Training Game.

Your Content + Our Games = Engaging Training

The Training Arcade® gamified training management software offers engaging customizable game templates and a robust set of gamification features, all of which are designed for easy deployment, simple integration, and extensive insights.

The Training Arcade is a GIY (Game-it-Yourself) tool that once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Infuse Your Existing Employee Training with Fun Using Gamification

Learning games transform passive training into fun active learning at a fraction of the cost of a custom built game. Our gamification platform will help you:

Make Conference Calls More Interactive

On Zoom conference calls all day? Try our multi-player online games to drive deep engagement in virtual settings. Our multi-player online training games will help you:

Integrate & Optimize

Engage your audience on any device while easily integrating with standard applications and Learning Management Systems. With our training games and gamification software, you can: 

Track & Measure

Monitor in-depth analytics, including knowledge gaps and behavioral trends while driving friendly competition. Our employee training software and robust analytics dashboard can help you:

How Can We Help You be a Training Hero? 

Designed for Seamless Integration into Your eLearning System, Zoom Meeting or Virtual Conference

  • Make your eLearning course more interactive by integrating The Training Arcade® games into Storyline 360, Captivate and Lectora
  • Turn a tired PowerPoint into an engaging training experience
  • Add gamification to your LMS by exporting your game as a SCORM package
  • Host a JEOPARDY!® challenge at your next live or virtual event
  • Track and analyze learner performance, see how games can increase knowledge retention and maximize ROI

Click video to see our games in action!

Play Video
Play Video

We'll Help You Get Started!

  • Intuitive Design
  • East-to-Use Admin Portal
  • Web-based, no software to download
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Data Protection

Click video to see The Training Arcade® CMS

You can build your own online training games with your content for the following:


The Training Arcade® helps trainers become heroes

Every 3 seconds, employees are educated and inspired by playing our games.
Here are ten reasons why we think gamification will make you a hero.

Click here to learn more about our history in building games for training and education.


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