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Arcades Demo – Play With Purpose

Did you join us for a demo of Arcades, a new next gen gamification feature set available in The Training Arcade®?

Arcades takes games, learning, competition and collaboration to the next level where learners can play solo games, compete in head-to-head challenges, team games and so much more in order to earn XP (Experience Points). There is a global leaderboard that tracks all the XP a player earns, and individual leaderboards for each game. Plus learning journeys, mini games, and prizes.

You can create different Arcades for different groups of learners, brand the Arcades with your own look and feel, and use for any need to connect and engage learners virtually.

Gamify your next event or conference using games from The Training Arcade like JEOPARDY!® or Wheel of Fortune!®

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ATD Virtual Conference: Unleash Potential

Now is the time to invest in human potential and the capabilities of the workforce.

We were thrilled to present, 8 Ways to FUNkify Your Training With Next Gen Gamification: Motivate, Activate, and Celebrate Your Teams! 

Description: You’ve already proven games are effective; now add the special sauce your learners crave. We’ll explore how to keep your learners motivated by mixing solo gameplay with head-to-head challenges, team competitions, social collaboration, global leaderboards, achievements, and meaningful rewards.

ATD’s Virtual Conference is for talent development and HR/OD professionals and the people who lead them, you will learn new skills that will strengthen your organization so you are positioned to accelerate into the future.

Gamify your next event or conference using games from The Training Arcade® like JEOPARDY!® or Wheel of Fortune!®

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DevLearn Digital Experience (DDX)

We hope you were able to attend our presentation Need Training Spice? Games are the Hot Sauce to Engage Remote Learners! by our own Stephen Baer

Is your training content complicated? Do your employees complain about being overwhelmed with training or even worse, not show up? Then it’s time to ditch the PowerPoints and training manuals and start infusing gamification into your training. Games add spice to just about any training material and make it more digestible and much more fun. When employed correctly, games can be highly effective in engaging your learners, keeping their attention, and motivating them to perform. Feeling like a “deer in headlights” when it comes to starting a game-based learning strategy? Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think.

In this session, we learned:

  • Why games are the spice you need to make your training more fun and engaging, virtually (and eventually back in the classroom)
  • How to use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a roadmap to ensure your game-based learning strategy is effective
  • How to select the “just-right” game to ensure you are training to your desired learning outcomes
  • How to use rich data and analytics to see learning gaps and measure the ROI of your training

Gamify your next event or conference using games from The Training Arcade® like JEOPARDY!® or Wheel of Fortune!®

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Let’s rid the world of boring training together!

See just how easy it is to become a training hero, one game at a time.

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