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How to Add Learning Games to Your Lectora Course

Lectora®, a top-tier authoring tool is most well-known for its level of interactivity. It’s the perfect eLearning playground for videos, scenarios, and responsive eLearning. With Lectora, you can easily track and understand your learner’s behavior through the use of actions, conditions, variables, and triggers. Its conditional branching and sequenced event features allow you to create a more robust, dynamic, and personalized learning experience. It’s definitely an out-of-the-box type tool- you can write your own scripts, add custom libraries, fonts, and CSS. It’s incredibly flexible.

Lectora offers easy collaboration with your team. Automated versioning tracks all revisions and you can also create multiple course versions adjacent to other authors.  

Effective assessments and randomized testing are easy to build in Lectora. You can easily import or export your question files, allowing you to create question banks and answer keys easily.  

Lectora®, formally part of the Trivantis suite of eLearning tools, was recently acquired by eLearning Brothers, along with Knowledgelink and CenarioVR. “Lectora has risen to its current top-tier success by delivering easy-to-use authoring tools for eLearning,” states John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO, and former Trivantis CEO. “We’re excited to be a part of the growing eLearning Brothers team. This move will help us further expand our offerings for an even higher level of excellence for our customers.”

Games Make Your eLearning Course More Effective

What makes a Lectora eLearning course even more engaging and interactive? A game, of course! At The Game Agency, we always say that games should be an integral part of your training strategy. Games should be thought of as a really important tool in your training toolbox. Managing Partner Richard Lowenthal adds that he thinks of games as the jelly to your peanut butter sandwich. It’s what makes the sandwich work and what makes it taste much better. 

Learning games, such as the ones from The Training Arcade®, embedded in an eLearning course, provide a perfect micro-assessment that encourages learners to stay engaged. Furthermore, your learners will interact with the content on a much deeper level, ensuring that the course material will be retained. The more often they play the game with your content, the more they retain the knowledge. The Training Arcade’s analytics dashboard provides useful data that can help a trainer fully understand where the learners may be struggling and where they may need to pivot their instruction. 

You can also use games post-training by emailing a game to assess knowledge retention of the content. Have teams compete against one another and offer prizes for top scorers. 

Here’s a video created by eLearning Brothers that shows how easy it is to embed a game into a Lectora course. Once the game is created, copy the URL inside The Training Arcade® dashboard. Then navigate to Lectora and access the insert tab on the top left. Select the “web window” button. When the window appears, paste the URL into the URL field and select OK. You can then resize the window to your project and publish it in a web browser or use the preview option.

Adding any of the games from The Training Arcade® into your Lectora course will most definitely make your training more fun and ultimately more effective. 

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