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How to Add Video, Audio and Advanced Feedback to Your Training Games

We highly recommend adding video, audio, and images to your training games to make them even more immersive and engaging. We’ll review all the different types of media you can easily upload to make your games more custom and relevant to your training material and learning objectives.


Audio is one form of media that can take your training materials to the next level. For example, imagine if the training materials are geared towards sales representatives and the game creator wants to quiz the representatives on how to respond to a customer based on their speaking tone. Playing different customer audios will lock in your training concepts and in turn increase knowledge retention. All of the game types in The Training Arcade® can deploy mp3 audio files as part of a question. Play this demo game to see how audio can be used as a question in a training game.



Video is another powerful type of media to use in your training games. Many of The Training Arcade game types allow you to add video as a prompt for the question. Videos can be uploaded to Detective, JEOPARDY!®, Jump, Match, Recall, Scenarios, Trivia, and Wheel of Fortune. For example, in this Scenario game (featured below) videos are included preceding each question in order for the player to gain as much real-life context as possible. Check out this demo game to see how video can be used to help pharmaceutical sales representatives practice handling objections. Learn more about how to build a Scenarios game here.

Advanced Feedback

Advanced Feedback (a slide with information and an image) is a useful tool to give your learners additional information about a particular topic. In this example using JEOPARDY!, not only do the players understand the correct answer but they are given more context and information afterward through Advanced Feedback to further lock in the concept. All game types in The Training Arcade have places to add feedback to the incorrect and correct answers. Advanced Feedback is available in the JEOPARDY! and Trivia games. Play this demo game to see how Advanced Feedback can be used. 


The Training Arcade offers game creators the opportunity to add full content slides to their training games.  For example, in Wheel of Fortune, once somebody finishes playing one puzzle, the game creator is able to add an additional slide of information. If needed, you could also start each puzzle with a slide including video or imagery to add context before asking your game question. Slides move the dialogue forward in Scenarios and set the context or provide more info before or after a puzzle in Wheel of Fortune. Play this demo game to see how slides can be used to share additional training material. 

If you’d like to dive deeper into how The Training Arcade works, schedule a call here with one of our game experts, get a free trial and start creating training games today!




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