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Is there a way to make some text in a question or feedback be bold type?

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For three of the games, there are WYSIWYG editors to make text bold in certain areas. For the remaining games, there is not a way to make the text bold. 

  • In Trivia, if you choose Info Card for the question type then there is a WYSIWYG editor.
  • In JEOPARDY!, under Questions, scroll to Feedback Response, click on Add Advanced Feedback Slide (Adds another screen after the answer and regular feedback screen) there is a WYSIWYG editor. 
  • In Scenarios, for the Info Slide which will be the first slide that comes up there is a WYSIWYG editor but unavailable for the questions. 
  • Jump, Match, Recall, Scramble & Sort-It do not have this option.
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