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What’s the difference between the types of User Registration?

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No Authorization:

  • This setting allows players to play games in “anonymous mode” when used in conjunction with having the leaderboard turned off.
  • With the leaderboard turned on, the player will be asked to enter just initials (Max 3 characters)

Authorized Player List (APL):

  • A player list can be created in Excel and loaded into the CMS using an Excel CSV file or manual data entry.
  • When an APL is in use, only players on the list can play the game. Anyone not approved to play will be presented with a black screen.

Single Sign-On: The Training Arcade® supports SSO integration via SAML

  • You will need to add an idP to your subdomain in order to add SSO to a game.
  • Once an idP has been added to the subdomain, the provider will now be visible in this dropdown menu.
      • If your idP is not SAML compliant, we can work to customize the integration on a case-by-case basis. Please request a client consult in this event.
  • SSO is supported by The Training Arcade® and can be added to any game. Adding SSO is part of the User Registration set-up, but before SSO can be applied to a game, the SSO providers details must be added to the account.
      • For more details on adding SSO: please email victoria.keating@thegameagency.com
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