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Using Games and Gamification in Healthcare Training

With constantly changing rules, regulations, products, and services, healthcare teams need to be engaged in their training. Using gamification in your training can go a long way in improving that experience. 

We know that healthcare teams and professionals often work long hours and in high-pressure situations. Therefore, you need to capitalize on their time while also delivering training in an impactful way that will help knowledge stick. 

Games and gamification are engaging training modalities that can deliver a healthy dose of microlearning to healthcare sales teams.

Try for yourself! Using Scenarios, we’ve created this game where you can step into the shoes of a pharma rep trying to make a sale. Play the game and see if you have what it takes!

Keep your healthcare team engaged in their training by using games and gamification.
Keep your healthcare team engaged in their training by using games and gamification.


Training Your Team and Your Patients

While we’re focusing on the team training side of things in this blog, games and gamification can also help motivate your patients to engage in activities that improve their health. Particularly fitness apps like FitBit or Peloton.

Another example is Ortho Pharmaceutical, which developed an app to harness gamification in healthcare to help patients reach their goals. 

To sum up, whether it’s a patient or one of your doctors or sales reps, gamification draws people in and keeps them engaged for the same reasons:

  • They’re interactive
  • They bring out the competitive nature in us
  • Learning can be “bite-sized” and easily processed
  • They’re fun!

In the next sections, we’ll briefly recap two case studies where healthcare and pharmaceutical companies turned to games and gamification to help with their low engagement. 


Training Pharma Reps with Games

Additionally, another of our clients, who specializes in endocrine therapeutics, wanted to effectively train their sales team on new products. After some review, they turned to gamification to transform their training. 

How can we keep our healthcare teams engaged in our training? We can use games and gamification.


Our client’s main goal was to improve knowledge retention. After gamifying their product training, learners were able to:

  • Compete in contests
  • Receive prizes and rewards
  • Celebrate achievement milestones
  • Challenge co-workers to a head-to-head game competition
  • See their name in global leaderboards that add up points across all activities

Read the full case study to learn more details about how games improved the knowledge retention of this team. 


Soft Skills Healthcare Training with Games

Another of our clients, Boiron, sought to energize traditional training for their manufacturing & distribution teams. They were looking to increase engagement and retention of different approaches to real-life situations. 

Before approaching The Training Arcade, Boiron had created “pen and paper” games to teach their teams. This approach wasn’t working as well as they wanted and they were looking for something more interactive with instant feedback that was quickly shareable; games filled all of those needs. By using games, learners receive instant feedback when they answer a question, and data is captured instantly on the game’s backend. It’s a win-win for learners and admins! There’s no more waiting around and wondering if they got that question correct.

Furthermore, by giving points to a correct answer, a little jolt of energy and excitement hits the learner, encouraging them to engage further with the material. 

Harness the power of games and gamification like Boiron to increase engagement with your healthcare training materials.
Harness the power of games and gamification like Boiron to increase engagement with your healthcare training materials.

Read the full case study to learn which games Boiron used to achieve its goals. Hint: they’re all available in The Training Arcade®!


Gamify Your Healthcare Training Today

In conclusion, you’re ready to gamify your healthcare training, right? Schedule a call to unlock your free two-week trial, where you can build games using your own material.

There’s no coding required, and with a few clicks of a button you could turn that PDF or slide deck into a fun, engaging, and interactive game. 

Game on!

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