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What is Sales Enablement? How Games Help Improve Knowledge Retention.

What is sales enablement?

In short, sales enablement is a cross-functional disciplined approach to continually motivating, supporting and refining the skills of your sales team in order for them to reach optimal performance. It should be no surprise that sales enablement is fast becoming a top priority among businesses large and small. Why? Because companies with dedicated sales enablement teams are enjoying, on average, 15% better win rates than those without.

How is sales enablement different from sales training?

Sales training serves as a crucial step in the onboarding of new hires and gets them up to speed on company history and product knowledge. More of a one-and-done, sales training is now being paired with sale enablement strategies designed to provide a steady stream of support, motivation, and coaching that meet the needs of both sales reps and customers. This pairing has never been more important as sales team development remains challenged by the new reality of today’s COVID-19 workplace.

What is the role of a sales enablement leader?

Ideally, this role is filled by someone experienced in both sales and marketing who can effectively be a champion for their sales team and serve as a liaison to the C-suite with responsibility for contributing to the larger business goals of an organization.

How do you know if your sales enablement strategy is working?

The short answer is data. The continuous and fluid nature of effective sales enablement tools will garner answers to key questions such as “how well are my reps retaining knowledge,” “how are they handling customer negotiations or objections,” “is their performance on track, or do they need more support.” With key insights in hand, sales enablement leaders can bridge communication gaps between operations, sales, and marketing while solidifying the role of a sales team in driving a company’s vision for growth.

How does sales enablement impact organizational profits and processes?

Impact comes in several forms beginning with the generation of better conversation among internal groups. By minimizing silos and maximizing full visibility of customer behavior, up-to-the-minute product knowledge, and availability of resources, companies can expect best-in-class outcomes and improved efficiencies.

Can The Training Arcade® online games be incorporated into a sales enablement toolbox?

Absolutely! When you consider that successful sales enablement strategies combine formal and informal learning activities that are customized and measured, gamification in training makes total sense. Here are a few reasons why:

  • A gamification platform provides a virtual, interactive learning community that taps into the power of camaraderie, connectedness, and friendly competition.
  • Gamified training is so fun that it naturally becomes a daily habit.
  • What is a game without rewards? Tangible prizes and a leaderboard keep reps motivated and competitive – a win-win for maximizing sales performance. 
  • Training is useless without analytics which is why The Training Arcade dashboard is engineered to track patterns of individual and group engagement, revealing all-important knowledge gaps, personality behaviors, and group comparisons. 

What are some examples of The Training Arcade games that would support a sales enablement strategy?

  • Our Scenarios game is a great example because it allows for the creation of real-world situations or engagements involving complex situations or human interactions. Players engage in customizable situations and are challenged to determine the best approach. Answers change the situation to reflect actual ramifications of decisions or actions allowing learners to handle messy situations in a safe environment.
  • Another great option is our Recall game. It’s all about building memory muscle by testing a player’s ability to retain specific details of a conversation. Whether remembering the content of a visual concept or doing mental math faster when trying to close a deal, this is a great addition to a sales enablement toolkit. 
  • You won’t go wrong with turning training content into clues in your own JEOPARDY!® game. Created in an exclusive partnership with Jeopardy Productions, Inc., this immensely popular game makes training sessions more fun and engaging especially for teams who are working remotely. It will improve comprehension, knowledge retention, and the training of key concepts and terminology not to mention bringing out the best of some good ‘ole friendly competition!

If you are looking for a complete gamification training experience, our gamification platform, Arcades™, offers a destination platform complete with a robust set of games, prizes, and leaderboard functionality — all of which are designed for easily customizable deployment and extensive data and analytics. It takes training to a whole other level – from solitary and dull to social and fun and will keep teams connected and engaged from anywhere! 

It’s never been a better time to up your sales enablement game with gamification training. You’ll become a training hero with a permanent seat at the table as you watch your sales team crush their performance goals. We’re ready when you are! Get a 1:1 demo and see it in action.

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