10 Ways You’re Getting Gamification Wrong and...

How to Make it Right and Get Results


At the Training Arcade® our tools have been helping millions learn new skills through gamification of training and education. We know exactly what it takes to get gamification right. We've gathered 10 ways of the best ways to get results from gamification in a downloadable eBook

Gamification Can Support Your Performance Objectives

Implementing games and gamification into your learning strategy is a great way to make your training more engaging and effective. Game-based learning can increase:

  • employee participation
  • training enjoyment
  • knowledge retention

But, sometimes your well-intentioned gamification strategy is just not quite right and consequently, you’re not seeing the desired results. We interviewed our Instructional Designers and they shared the 10 most common mistakes you may be making and how to fix them.

Train Online
Save Time & Learn More

Companies save 40 - 60% in time with online training vs traditional classrooms

Increase Knowledge
Retention Rates

Retention rates soar into the 75-90% rate as more active learning modalities are used.

Increase Revenue &
employee Productivity

Companies offering online training show a 26% increase in employee productivity.

Boost Your
Competitive Edge

72% of organizations using online training believe it boosts their competitive edge.

The Companies We Work With

We are software developers, illustrators, animators, game and instructional designers with expertise in creating game-based educational solutions. 

Every 3 seconds, employees are educated and inspired by playing our games.


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