Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

Join Us for JEOPARDY!®️ Every Friday at 1 pm ET

Play a JEOPARDY!® Game on fun pop-culture content live on Zoom! There is a new game every week!

Experience First-Hand How Games Can Super Charge Your Training.

Bring in the Fun

NO more Death-by-PowerPoint!

We’ve all been through “death by PowerPoint” training sessions and no matter how funny or engaging the presenter is, the experience is simply not fun. When the training is boring and passive, you risk losing the attention of your audience. More importantly, learners lose 75% of what they’re taught with this type of training. Active training (learning through games and simulations) deliver retention rates as high a 90%!

Why are games so much more effective?

Gamified Training:

  • Engages learners
  • Increases knowledge retention
  • Improves confidence
  • Ultimately, drives success

Simple 4 Step Process to Creating a Game:

Determine the performance objectives and the skills you want your learners to obtain through training.

Choose the right game mechanic to train those skills; see an article here to help you select the perfect game to obtain the best training outcome.

Write your questions for your training.

Start building your game . . .

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