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Professional Meet Up Series!

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Experience First-Hand How Games Can Super Charge Your Training.

Sort-It from The Training Arcade® provides the perfect highly customizable engaging quiz game framework for training

Creating connections between relevant pieces of data requires multi-level thought processing and strategic thinking.

Our game type Sort-It exercises these skills by presenting players with a grid featuring different pieces of content (image or text) that need to be properly placed into the exact spaces in the columns and rows in order to move on to the next round.

Here’s a demo Sort-It game for healthcare training.

Here’s another demo for change management practices.

Strategize, Organize, Retain

Highly engaging training game for situations where classification and organization skills are critical

Sort-It is a game that takes into account multi-levels of thinking. Players are presented with different categories in rows and columns along with a bank of answers that need to be correctly dropped into the appropriate rows and columns. After completing as much of the grid as the player wishes, they simply tap the submit button for their answers to be immediately assessed. Correct answers stay on the grid, while incorrect ones turn red and fly back to their original position in the answer bank giving the player another opportunity to set the answer into the correct position on the grid.

Sort-It Performance Objective Alignment: Organization and classification of information, retention or assessment. A game where organizing is key. 

Improved Skills: categorize, identify and order.

Great for: Visually centered information or training material centered around classification or categorization. Great for puzzle lovers.

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Get all 10 Games with Your Subscription from The Training Arcade®

Your Content + Our Games = Engaging Training

The Training Arcade® offers a robust set of features all of which are designed for easy deployment and extensive insights.

The Training Arcade® is a DIY game-authoring tool with a library of 10 training games (including the only officially licensed JEOPARDY!® game for training) that can be rapidly deployed in 17 languages with any content in minutes (no coding required). This platform works seamlessly across mobile, tablet, PC, and touchscreen devices and can be used for eLearning, instructor-led training, live events and virtual conference calls!

Games are launched as a url and can be emailed or texted to learners, pasted into a chat during a webinar, or used for live learning with groups or individuals competing against each other for leaderboard dominance.

The Training Arcade game templates are easy to build and integrate into your favorite eLearning tool including:

  • Storyline by Articulate
  • Captivate by Adobe
  • Lectora
  • Download a SCORM package to easily integrate into your existing Learning Management System
  • Add to PowerPoint or Keynote
  • The URL-based games can be emailed, texted or pasted into a chat

The Training Arcade® games work seamlessly across devices and learning platforms

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