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Professional Meet Up Series!

Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

Join Us for JEOPARDY!®️ Every Friday at 1 pm ET

Play a JEOPARDY!® Game on fun pop-culture content live on Zoom! There is a new game every week!

Experience First-Hand How Games Can Super Charge Your Training.

Empower your Call Center Employees with Gamified Training

Leverage Gamification with Arcades™ to provide a customizable training frequency that is packed with incentives, rewards, friendly competition and fun. friendly competition and fun.

The Evolving Call Center It’s no surprise call center employees are being called superheros

From yesterday’s secret weapon to today’s full-fledged superhero, call center employees are at the center of the changing demands of customer service in a post-pandemic world. The stakes are higher than ever for customer service and sales call centers to get it right and deliver the optimal use of technology and human contact.

Gamified training brings out the superhero in everyone

Gamified training blends teaching and training in such a way that employees naturally internalize company products, culture and expectations. As a result they are much more likely to say and do the right thing in any circumstance. Gamification provides a customizable training frequency that is packed with incentives, rewards, friendly competition and fun.

Studies prove that we learn 70-90% more when interactive training strategies are applied. No one wants to sit through a PowerPoint training program. Employees engage better with the customers when they feel they have the knowledge they need. These gamified learning techniques give them those tools.


At a time when 69% of employees report feeling detached from teammates


58% say working from home has made it difficult for them to see the larger purpose of their job within the organization.


Studies show using gamified learning we learn 70-90% more when interactive training strategies are applied.

Teams that play together win together!

Games help call center employees establish positive professional connections and stay mentally and emotionally motivated to deliver precise, prompt and accurate customer support. 

Juggling the fundamentals (with a smile!)

As the face of an organization and the first human point of contact, call center employees must balance a number of skills with empathy being top of the list. They are expected to make an immediate connection with customers who are upset, in need of  help and most likely very vulnerable. Beyond empathy, they are expected to actively listen, provide feedback, de-escalate negative emotions, and provide solutions all while managing their own stress.

Scenarios & JEOPARDY!®, lend themselves to easy gamification while Arcades® puts it all In one place

Scenarios Details


Scenarios is all about role play, decision making, and cause and effect. With customized content, it puts your employees into realistic soft-skill situations and gives them a safe place to try and fail and try again. Instructional Designers can create scenarios with each answer mapping to a positive, negative, or neutral outcome. Points are given to players based on the speed in which they arrived at a successful outcome.Talk about energizing and fun!

JEOPARDY!® Details


Start engaging and motivating your team with the only officially licensed JEOPARDY!® learning game for training. The training game follows the classic rules and all the fun of America’s Favorite Quiz Show® with rounds for JEOPARDY!, Double JEOPARDY!, and Final JEOPARDY! plus “Daily Doubles”. It is great for assessing knowledge and making sure the content sticks. Best of all it can be played in mode or instructor-mode in a live or virtual group setting.

Arcades Details


For the ultimate engagement and gamification experience, The Training Arcade®,  offers a highly customizable destination for learners to play a selection of games, compete against one another (or their boss!) for recognition and prizes, and collaborate as teams for group awards. Adding to the value of this option is the data you get about player usage, knowledge improvement and behavioral traits.

Arcades™, a first-of-its-kind game-based training destination, will:

  • Maximize learner engagement
  • Increase frequency of learners’ interaction with content
  • Improve accuracy and knowledge retention

Our Other Available Games

Grab A Seat - Time for Some Good Play Gamify your next meeting & empower your team

Game On, Try Out JEOPARDY!® Today

Let Us Host Your Virtual Event!

Looking for an engaging event for your virtual conference or a fun team-building activity at a virtual company meeting or a host for a company “Zoom” happy hour? We’ll bring the game and the fun so you can sit back and enjoy it yourself.

Build your game with your content or in collaboration with one of our instructional designers. Then enjoy our online multiplayer, interactive JEOPARDY! game experience.

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Easily Integrate with your Web Conferencing Software

The Training Arcade®’s  games integrate with all major web conferencing tools such as  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Bluejeans, or Webex.

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