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Professional Meet Up Series!

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Gamification Can Help
Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Stay Engaged

Whether they want to be their best selves or reach the top of the leaderboard it doesn’t really matter why, because the reality is there’s a knowledge transfer & a level of retention you can’t achieve with most typical training

Gamification Can Help Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Stay Engaged

The Changing Pharma Sales Picture Gamification provides a way to feel connected and engaged in a pre & post pandemic world

Who could have imagined the changes the COVID-19 pandemic would bring about especially for today’s pharmaceutical sales reps? It’s definitely a new normal. According to an Accenture Healthcare Study, virtual engagement with pharma field reps is here to stay. The result is a sales force that is understandably feeling anxious, distracted, and lacking in stimulation and feedback. Adopting a gamification training strategy is a surefire way to keep pharmaceutical reps learning and collaborating with their teams whether they are still working remotely or back in the office.

Healthcare Professionals Now Want More Human Connection and Expert Knowledge

The Accenture study also revealed that HCPs are interacting with sales reps more than before COVID19 and expect sales reps to have a greater understanding of their needs and expectations. Successful sales reps need to be nimble, flexible, and prepared to meet customers where they want to be – in person or via computer. Chief Creative Officer, Stephen Baer, explains here, “Games and gamification are really nice ways to feel connected and to help them feel like they’re part of a community and engaging with their colleagues which is so different today.”

Flipping the Script

Before COVID-19, 64%of meetings with pharma sales reps were held in person. During the pandemic, this shifted to 65% of meetings held virtually, across therapeutic areas. And that percentage is expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future.


87% of HCPs want either all virtual or a mix of virtual and in-person meetings even after the pandemic ends.


Before COVID-19, 64%of meetings with pharma sales reps were held in person.


During the pandemic, this shifted to 65% of meetings held virtually, consistent across therapeutic areas.

Using Gamification in Pharmaceutical Sales The Time Is Right To Set Your Team On A Game-based Learning Journey

Instead of thinking about games as something to “add to a course,” what if you shifted your thinking to make the learning experience more of a journey? Gaming experiences are fulfilling experiences because they provide clear prompts, feedback, and incentives for group participation. Sales training gamification can create a powerful emotional connection with learning that results in higher retention of information and skills.

With customization of storylines, characters, achievements, and leaderboards, your team will be motivated to train through solo play or in head-to-head competition. Either way, they’ll be having so much fun it won’t feel like training. Iain Boomer, Head of Learning for AbbVie Canada, has been leveraging gamification for years, especially during the pandemic. Quoted in Fierce Pharma, he explains, “Gamification has become more important and more impactful in the virtual environment,” he said. “The pandemic showed we need this now more than ever. … It’s given an extra push to what has always been core to what we do, which is retention and recall in a fun and engaging manner.”

“Gamification has become more important and more impactful in the virtual environment,” he said. “The pandemic showed we need this now more than ever. …

Iain Boomer, Head of Learning for AbbVie Canada

Gamification Can Support Your Team at Any Point in the Sales Cycle

Sales Enablement

  • Increase sales call effectiveness using real-world scenarios
  • Reinforce training and prepare team for sales certifications
  • Detect gaps, measure, and assess knowledge

Product Knowledge

  • Provide comprehensive product and added-value services knowledge
  • Build sales rep competitiveness and provide medical updates

Product Launches

  • Sharpen teams skills in critical product launches
  • Educate HCP’s on new products, providing in-depth medical knowledge
  • Hone product pitches

Ongoing Training

  • Reinforcement tests and knowledge assessments
  • Maintain and increase standards for new and seasoned reps
  • Follow-up in-person training with knowledge retention assessments

Plan of Action (POA)  Meetings

  • Pre-event – identify knowledge gaps and meeting topics
  • During – engage sales reps in challenging and competitive games
  • Post – continue to connect, refresh and reinforce

Sales Acceleration

  • Support sales rep effectiveness in getting a product in front of a customer quickly
  • Train and challenge sales reps in agile selling techniques
  • Encourage quick assimilation of new information fast with miro-learning modules

Regulations & Compliance

  • Reduce risk and governance issues
  • Assess retention of compliance knowledge
  • Create micro-learning modules on laws and regulations
  • Transform the boring into fun, and effective format

Customer Acquisition

  • Train reps to identify buyer and influencer behaviors at the right buying stage
  • Present scenarios of customer profile –  interactions
  • Match product messaging with profile interests, needs, and patient outcomes

Use a little or a lot, The Training Arcade® offers an a-la-carte menu of training services

If you think games are too expensive or difficult to build, think again. There are gamified approaches that can fit all budgets and timelines.

Start with a 3 game package or invest in Arcades™ which includes all 10 games + our robust gamification platform with all the gamification features you could ever ask for!

Click Below to Learn More About The Training Arcades Games Used by Pharmaceutical Clients
Wheel of Fortune
Our newest release – another crowd favorite ready to customize with your training content
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Our number one game ready to customize with your training content
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Everyone loves JEOPARDY!® get ready to power your training by customizing with your content; text, images and videoall make this a blast
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Scenarios Details


Create simple to complex role-play situations with Scenarios, using animation, video, and voice-over content. You can transport your sales team into a current real-world situation that challenges them to demonstrate the hard and soft skills pharma clients are expecting today.  This game is great for training your sales team on handling objections, to illustrate this point,  play a demo here.

Recall Details


Customize a game of Recall to improve sales reps’ ability to retain specific details without the benefit of knowing what to pay attention to beforehand.

JEOPARDY!® Details


JEOPARDY!® is a great option for assessing knowledge before a training session and ensuring the content sticks post-training. This game can be played in single-player mode or instructor-mode in a live or virtual group setting.

Arcades Details


Design your own training destination with Arcades™, a premium add-on service that offers a robust set of features all of which are designed for easy deployment and extensive insights. Sales reps will:

  • Maximize engagement
  • Increase frequency of interaction with content
  • Improve accuracy and knowledge retention

Grab A Seat - Experience the Power of Play Gamify your next meeting & empower your team

Game On, Make Training Meetings Fun!

The Road to Gold game-based training application, created by leveraging The Training Arcade® provided a robust solution for Lundbeck’s global sales team. 

The Training Arcade features seamlessly integrated into Lundbeck’s native learning app. Since the national sales meeting occurred at the same time as the Winter Olympics, Lundbeck chose a Winter Village theme and titled their app The Road to Gold.

The gamified app, easily accessible to sales reps on their company iPads and think pads, featured 8 different stops around the winter village. At each stop, the rep needed to consume different types of training content. In order to get to the next stop, they needed to play the training games that also assessed them on the material they just learned. Once a rep completed all the elements at the first stop, they were able to unlock the content to move on.

In order to ensure the reps understood the content that they would be discussing at the meeting, they needed to complete the first 5 stops (or modules) prior to attending. The app’s analytics dashboard tracked which reps completed the game modules and measured how well they performed with the material, giving the Training Manager a clear understanding of any gaps in the learning and also allowing them to adjust accordingly.

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Easily Integrate with your Web Conferencing Software

The Training Arcade®’s JEOPARDY!® and Trivia games integrate with all major web conferencing tools such as  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Bluejeans, or Webex.

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