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Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

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59% of companies that surpassed revenue targets use sales enablement – Forbes Sales Enablement – buzzword or pain relief for your biggest sales and marketing challenges?

What is sales enablement? In short, sales enablement is a cross-functional disciplined approach to continually motivating, supporting and refining the skills of your sales team in order for them to reach optimal performance. It should be no surprise that sales enablement is fast becoming a top priority among businesses large and small. Why? Because companies with dedicated sales enablement teams are enjoying, on average, 15% better win rates than those without. 

By the numbers

The impact is clear. Organizations that have undertaken a sales enablement initiative have seen a 350% increase in content usage and 65% more revenue generated by new sales reps.


55% of Sales Reps lack fundamental selling skills


65% increase in revenue by sales using a sales enablement platform


84% of sales reps achieve quota using Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement 101

How is it different from sales training?

Sales training serves as a crucial step in the onboarding of new hires and gets them up to speed on company history and product knowledge. More of a one-and-done, sales training is now being paired with sale enablement strategies designed to provide a steady stream of support, motivation and coaching that meet the needs of both sales reps and customers. This pairing has never been more important as sales team development remains challenged by the new reality of today’s COVID-19 workplace.

What is the role of a sales enablement leader? 

Ideally, this role is filled by someone experienced in both sales and marketing who can effectively be a champion for their sales team AND serve as a liaison to the C-suite with responsibility for contributing to larger business goals of an organization.

How will you know if your strategy is working?

The short answer is data. The continuous and fluid nature of effective sales enablement tools will garner answers to key questions such as “how well are my reps retaining knowledge,” “how are they handling customer negotiations or objections,” “is their performance on track or do they need more support.” With key insights in hand, sales enablement leaders can bridge communication gaps between operations, sales, and marketing while solidifying the role of a sales team in driving a company’s vision for growth.

How does this impact profits and processes?

Impact comes in several forms beginning with the generation of better conversation among internal groups. By minimizing silos and maximizing full visibility of customer behavior, up-to-the-minute product knowledge, and availability of resources, companies can expect best-in-class outcomes and improved efficiencies.

sales enablement Training Solutions

Can The Training Arcade® games be incorporated into a Sales Enablement Platform? Absolutely!

The Training Arcade is a complete gamification training platform ready to receive your content and build a highly targeted sales training solution. When you consider that successful sales enablement strategies combine formal and informal learning activities that are customized and measured, training gamification makes total sense. Here are a few reasons why:  

  • Use as a virtual sales training tool, anytime, anywhere
  • Train one or many: instructor-led, one-on-one and group play
  • Customize with your own videos, images and content
  • Quickly gamify your topic using popular learning formats
  • Easily integrate with your LMS, PowerPoint or Zoom
  • Go global: translate into 17 Languages
  • Quantifiable ROI: measure and prove success with analytics
  • JEOPARDY!®, Wheel of Fortune® and 8 more customizable games

Sales enablement Training Games from Our Library Level Up Your Training Game with Our Gallery of Games

JEOPARDY!® – a perennial favorite you’ll hardly know your learning

Created in an exclusive partnership with Jeopardy Productions, Inc., this immensely popular game makes training sessions more fun and engaging especially for teams who are working remotely.

  • Proven, popular quiz format
  • Easily customized with your training content, images, and videos
  • Improve knowledge retention, people understand and remember through engagement
  • Measure results, analytics dashboard to track and optimize learning

Skills Set: comprehension and knowledge retention

Great for: Train a wide range of concepts and terminology with images and videos. Learning material is front and center so complex points can be assessed.

Jump – an exciting and addictive game

Jump is great for competitive players or learners who are ahead of the curve and like a good challenge.

  • Quick to implement
  • Classic arcade twitch-based game
  • Competitive engagement yields better knowledge retention

Skill Set: calculate, estimate, predict and solve.

Great for: Simple and short training points or terminology that need practice or repetition for memorization and engagement.

Match– a fast-paced and engaging game 

Players enjoy a higher level of adrenaline than the average training game and keeps players coming back for more.

  • Custom Quiz based game
  • Question types include multiple choice, multi-select, image match, text-input and polling
  • More engagement = increased knowledge retentation

Skill Set: calculate, estimate, predict and solve

Great for: Microlearning and training on terminology, definitions and product features.

Trivia – transform quizzes and assessments

Ideal for boosting retention and rewarding learners for fast and correct decision making.

  • Custom Quiz based game
  • Question types include multiple choice, multi-select, image match, text-input and polling
  • More engagement and increased knowledge retention

Skill Set: Describe, estimate, explain, identify, interpret, list, predict, select and recognize.

Great for: Instructor Led,  Virtual or Live Events. Competitive and collaborative game play. Train a wide range of concepts and terminology using engaging images. The learning material is front and center and more complex points can be assessed.

Scramble is a classic word and sentence puzzle

It includes two modes.
1. Word Scramble 
2. Sentence Scramble

  • Word puzzle game mechanics
  • Build word banks to scramble concepts and terms
  • Reinforce terminology or concepts

Skill Set: Describe, Explain, Conclude, Identify

Great for: Terminology, definitions, simple and short training elements.

Scenarios – simple to complex role play situations, a perfect fit for training

Our Scenarios game is a great example because it allows for the creation of real world situations or engagements involving complex situations or human interactions. Players engage in customizable situations and are challenged to determine the best approach. Answers change the situation to reflect actual ramifications of decisions or actions allowing learners to handle messy situations in a safe environment.

Recall – build memory in a fun and contextually relevant way

Another great option is our Recall game. It’s all about building memory muscle by testing a player’s ability to retain specific details of a conversation. Whether remembering the content of a visual concept or doing mental math faster when trying to close a deal, this is a great addition to a sales enablement toolkit.

JEOPARDY!® – a perennial favorite you’ll hardly know your learning

You  can’t go wrong with turning training content into clues in your own JEOPARDY!® game. Created in an exclusive partnership with Jeopardy Productions, Inc., this immensely popular game makes training sessions more fun and engaging especially for teams who are working remotely. It will improve comprehension, knowledge retention and the training of key concepts and terminology not to mention bringing out the best of some good ‘ol friendly competition!

Looking for a robust training hub?

Look no further, our gamification platform, Arcades™, offers a complete destination platform with a robust set of games, prizes, and leaderboard functionality – all designed for easy customizable deployment AND extensive data and analytics. It takes training from solitary and dull to a social, fun way to keep teams engaged anywhere! 

It’s never been a better time to up your sales enablement game with gamification training. You’ll become a training hero as you watch your sales team crush their performance goals. We’re ready when you are! 

Expert Support Build it as you like, but you don't have to do it alone.

Whether it’s instructional design, game building, or development work, we have an expert on our team who can help you with your project. We’ll support you every step of the way. From personalized onboarding to professional game hosting, we’ve got your back.

Sales Enablement your way.

Our Premium Services Include:

Game Building

Event Production

Instructional Design

Event Prep & Rehearsal

Virtual Meeting Hosts

Game Template Design

Standard SSO

Content Writing

Need to up the ante? Take it live. Book an official JEOPARDY!® game using a guest host and make your serious business seriously fun.

Virtually Led

Virtually Led

Your in control – live host your very own JEOPARDY!® quiz
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Guest Host

Guest Host

Keep them laughing, looking to lighten the mood? Hire our game host and sit back and enjoy the event.
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Easily Integrate with your Web Conferencing Software

The Training Arcade®’s JEOPARDY!® and Trivia games integrate with all major web conferencing tools such as  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Bluejeans, or Webex.

Energize and gamify your next meeting.

Costs? Affordable Subscriptions for Up to 1,000 Players Built To Deliver Results Sales Trainers Need

Add Your Own Training Content

Thought creating a training game would take too long and break the budget? The Training Arcade lets you add your own training content and launch your game in minutes for a fraction of what it would cost to build a custom game. We also offer many additional branding packages to truly make it your own.

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Analytics Dashboard

The Training Arcade® analytics dashboard is engineered to unveil patterns of individual and group engagement with your material, thereby improving your training ROI by revealing knowledge gaps, personality behaviors, and group comparison. Sort topline data including the number of users, scores, rank, sessions, session duration, % of questions correct / incorrect, and total questions answered.



Sort data by date for comparison purposes and export as a CSV file to share with stakeholders.


Analyze individual outcomes by looking at all sessions played, how each player answered each question by session, how many attempts it took them before answering a question correctly, and identify insights into knowledge acquisition and retention.

Collaborative & Social

Games engage learners, increase attention, improve confidence and, ultimately, drive success. Gone are the days of reading a booklet that discusses company culture and office rules. Now, employees can be immersed in a virtual world where they can be educated on new things in a more entertaining way. And while games can be a great single player experience, they enable employees to explore, solve, and win together. 

Game-Based Learning

Games put learners in the center of the action. They challenge them to use their knowledge and skills to overcome obstacles, and to try again when they fail. When learners are emotionally and mentally engaged, they are more likely to absorb knowledge and retain what they have learned. 

Real-World Gamification

With Arcades™, our premium gamification feature set, learners can participate in:

  • Player-to-Player Challenges
  • Team Tournaments
  • Daily Mini-Games
  • Level-Up and Achievements and Missions
  • Learning Journeys
  • Tangible Prizes
  • Point tracking via individual game leaderboards
  • Global Leaderboard powered by Experience Points earned along the way.
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A few of our clients using The Training Arcade

Sales Enablement made simple with The Training Arcade® – connect and train your sales team from anywhere

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