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Professional Meet Up Series!

Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

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Experience First-Hand How Games Can Super Charge Your Training.

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Rapid Course Development

ELB Learning has been crafting level 1 - 3 courses for Fortune 500 companies and educational Institutions for years. Now, we are making courses even more immersive with games from The Training Arcade®️ and VR simulations using CenarioVR. The result? Exceptional and effective training that learners love.

Built For Your Learners Courses Custom Built for Your Learning Solutions

  • Games & Simulations
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Learning
  • Video & Animation
  • Instructor-led & Virtual Instructor-led Training
  • Accessible Learning Content

Whether it’s helping frame your learning strategy, converting existing training, or building your curriculum, we can support your team and make you look like a training hero.

We can help you create solutions that engage ALL your learners. Based on your business drivers, technology environment, budget, and timeline we can create content that engages your target audience and improves retention.

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Games & Simulations

Did you know there’s a way to realize a 43% enhancement in employee productivity and a 60% increase in learner engagement?

Gamification is the answer. Gartner Research has proven that gamified learning is more engaging—for learners of all ages! We can help you add gamification to your training program.

We can create:

  • Gamified eLearning Interactions
  • Immersive, VR Games
  • Competitive Learning with Scored Dashboards
  • Serious, Scored Simulations
  • Gameplay that Promotes Learning

Level Up Your Training Game Crank Your Learning Up to Level 4 with The Training Arcade® and ELB Learning

Our instructional designers, graphic designers, software developers, animators, and videographers, will create highly engaging, custom eLearning courses that empower your employees and make them more successful at their jobs.

The 4 Stages Of Interactivity In eLearning


Knowledge &

Entry Level – Passive eLearning interactivity level: No interaction

  • Mainly presentational and linear in nature
  • Contains a fair amount of exploratory interaction
  • Contains knowledge checks, basic scenarios, and some light cognitive interaction
  • Varied in layouts and professional visual treatment


& Analysis

2nd Level – Limited eLearning interactivity level: Limited participation

  • Everything a Level 1 contains with more cognitively active screens, including elements of immersion not present in a Level 1 course
  • Linear or learner-directed course progression
  • Upgraded visual treatments for interactions
    Frequent application of concepts throughout the course
  • Immersive scenarios with character voices


Synthesis &

3rd Level – Moderate eLearning interactivity level: Moderate interaction

  • As self-directed as possible (choose your own path)
  • Contains elements, as appropriate, of story, game, theme, or role for the user
  • Enhanced scenarios and interactions that are immersive, fully visual, and creative
  • Character interaction with multiple character voices
  • Possible gamified interactions
  • Consistently cognitively active or interactive


Full eLearning
Interactivity Level

Full immersion

  •  Level 4 interactivity can copy genuine situations
  • A non-judgmental, hazard-free learning condition
  • Empowers Reflection
  • Lifts Engagement
  • Enhances Learning Retention
  • Advances Motivation

Factors in Course Development Budgeting

How Much Does it Cost to Develop eLearning Courses?

Factors that impact cost
eLearning course development is a complex process, but there are four main elements that will determine how much the final course or learning solution may cost.

  1. Seat Time
  2. Interactivity
  3. Content Readiness
  4. Timeline

Features of Each Learning Level

Learning interactionLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Static Screens
Screen Animations
Single-Response Interactions
Exploratory Interactions
Basic Scenarios
Interactive Scenarios
Cognitive Interactions
Enhanced Cognitive Interactions
Basic Themes
Enhanced Interactive Scenarios
Enhanced Themes
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality

Award Winning Course Design We've Helped Fortune 500 Companies Solve Their Training Needs with Custom Courses

Case Studies

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Adobe: Elemental Selling

We are so very pleased each time our partners at Adobe invite us to collaborate with them to showcase what their new versions of the Adobe Captivate tool can offer to customers. Our experience in designing the demo course for the Captivate 9 release in 2015 was no different. The challenge? To come up with a sales-based course concept and associated content that would allow a course design that could showcase the best of what the tool had to offer and all its new features. Challenge accepted and achieved.

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Fender Academy

Like guitars? Check out this ripping demo we did for Fender guitars. You’ll never look at guitars the same again.

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Walmart: Effective Interviewing

Effective Interviewing: How do you find the right person for the right job? This course teaches Walmart managers the proper planning, recruiting, and interviewing techniques that lead to success, with engaging scenarios based on real-life situations.

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Ever wonder how Amazon works to ensure customer trust at their fulfillment centers? Whether it’s making sure only authorized people are allowed into the facility, or the following the proper protocol with customer information, learners get to know the best practices of fulfillment center security and how to keep Amazon data secure.

Custom Built eLearning for Your Specific Needs Why Work With The Training Arcade?

We Can Help You Cost Effectively …

  • Create meaningful learning experiences which employees welcome and enjoy
  • Drive better long term retention and understanding of course material
  • Improve on-the-job performance

Industries We Help

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Technology
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Government
  • Business Services

Learning Modes

  • Games, Simulations, & VR
  • Mobile Learning
  • Video & Animation
  • Instructor-led and Virtual Instructor-led
  • Traditional eLearning Courses
  • Microlearning

5 Reasons to Work With Us

  • Proven Process
  • On Time, On Budget
  • Experienced Experts
  • Award-winning & Innovative
  • True Partners

What are you waiting for? Crank your next training course all the way up with The Training Arcade® + ELB Learning

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