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Gamified Learning to Increase Engagement in Higher Education

Studies show that 67% of students found gamified learning more motivating and engaging than traditional courses. Our games can play an intregal part in those goals

Gamification in Higher Ed How Games Provide Microlearning, Feedback, and Fosters Team-Building Skills

GenZ – along with their slightly older millennial counterparts – crave constant feedback. According to one survey, 74% of millennials feel “in the dark” about their job performance due to a lack of feedback. Having only a yearly or quarterly review isn’t enough for these generations that want the feedback cycle to be constant. 

In a study of 1,000 games, it was found that the average time spent per session was six minutes; definitely filling the microlearning checkbox. The learners, however, repeated the games on average 2.9 times. They wanted to go back and play the learning game again which we know helps reinforce learning. Most importantly, there was a 64% lift in knowledge from the 1st to the 3rd time students answered questions after learning with games.

  • 64% lift in knowledge from the 1st to the 3rd time students answered questions after learning with games
  • 67% of students found gamified learning more motivating and engaging than traditional courses (Intuition, 2019)
  • Furthermore, students who were educated with challenge-based gamification raised their performance by up to 89 and no less than 45% compared to those who only received lectures (ScienceDirect, 2020)
  • Challenge-based gamification in education leads to an increase of 34.75% in student performance (ScienceDirect, 2020)


74% of millennials feel “in the dark” about their job performance due to a lack of feedback.


64% lift in knowledge retention from 1st to 3rd time students used learning games. 


67% of students found gamified learning more motivating and engaging than traditional courses.


Studies prove that we learn 70-90% more when interactive training strategies are applied

Increase Engagement & Recall To gamify your classroom is to empower your classroom

Gamified learning can increase learner engagement, recall, and retention, improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and fulfill a desire to work in teams. Plus, your students and learners have fun! Imagine that, your students will be more engaged if they’re enjoying themselves. 

Incorporating game mechanics go a long way to increasing engagement and gamifying education. Using things like game levels gives a sense of accomplishment, points give something to earn and possibly used as currency, and a leaderboard encourages healthy competition.

On top of that, students can share these achievements with the class and continue the trend of encouraging interaction. Plus, seeing their fellow students rack up points, rewards, and badges might motivate them to get a move on that homework assignment and get on the leaderboard!

Gamified Learning Essentials

Feedback & Gamified Learning

Gamified learning can help both you and your students increase communication and make sure the experience is meaningful and constructive. 

Games make feedback instant. They can provide constructive feedback and gives the student a chance to try again. Using gamified learning gives students a safe space to fail, adjust, and try again in seconds or minutes.

Understanding this desire for feedback can go a long way in getting students to engage in your lesson plan. Take steps to gamify your classroom and you’ll be on your way to improving engagement through immediate feedback.

Teamwork & Problem Solving

Teamwork is superior to group work in that a “group” is a set of individuals that work independently towards a common goal. A team encourages collaboration as students will have to work together towards a common goal. 

This increase in teamwork skills came from interactive, team-oriented games, and not through a passive lecture or reading assignment. 

Increased Knowledge Retention

Using gamified learning provides a safe space for learners to re-engage with content. As we all know, repeat engagement with the material is the best way to beat the “forgetting curve.” 

Being active in one’s learning greatly increases engagement and therefore retention. Instead of a lecture or PowerPoint, discussion, practice, and teaching itself are the best ways to achieve active learning. In a team-based game, you can satisfy two if not all three of those points to drive retention of the learning material. 

Leveraging Gamification in Higher Ed Teaching

In addition to being comprised of true digital natives, GenZ is also known for its short attention span; about eight seconds if you can believe it. Because of this, they respond really well to the concept of microlearning; breaking down learning topics into more manageable pieces and repeating them with adequate spacing between lessons. Using gamified learning is perfect for this style of digestion as games can be 3-4 minutes long with “bite-sized” content. 

Think about it, as sad as it is to say, if a friend sends you a video to watch and it’s over two minutes long, do you really watch it? Who’s got the time, right? 

Now think about an hour-long lecture where you’re a disinterested student. An hour is closer to an eternity! Breaking up that time with quick, interactive games can help increase engagement and get that one snoozing student in the back to pay attention.

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Gamification in the College Admissions & Orientation Process To gamify your classroom is to empower your classroom

Game On, Try Out JEOPARDY!® Today

Though most people talk about a gamified classroom, gamification isn’t just for students. Gamified learning increases engagement in all age groups which can include faculty and staff. 

Applying to schools is arduous, can feel defeating, and is stressful. Once accepted, it’s time for students to celebrate and be excited about their new home. Nazareth College in Rochester, NY, is using a points-based system for accepted students that help them earn gear, prizes, and other goodies for completing steps in the admissions process.

Next time there’s a training session or workshop for faculty and staff, spice it up after it’s finished with a round of JEOPARDY!® to help reinforce the concepts you just presented. JEOPARDY! is a familiar game mechanic and it helps with that magic word, engagement. 

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