JEOPARDY!® for Zoom Conference Calls and Virtual Meetings

On April 9th, 2020, Microsoft  Teams announced that they hit a new record high of a 2.7 billion meeting minutes in 1 day! That’s a lot of meetings.

We’re all on conference calls or virtual meetings most of the day. Let’s be real, it can get a little tiresome. It’s hard to stay focused, your attention wanders, boredom sets in. 

We have a solution. Adding games to your virtual meetings ensures active participants! You got to be in it to win it. Right?

Our JEOPARDY!® game in The Training Arcade® now includes a Virtual Instructor Mode that we are calling Online Group Play. It’s great for those marathon conference calls. It works seamlessly with all major video conferencing tools. 

You can host a virtual team meeting and play a game at the same time! The instructor controls the pace of the game during the call. Why not create team challenges for e-gift cards or paid time off? Or host a JEOPARDY!® Happy Hour (drinks optional) then watch the engagement skyrocket.

When you’re ready to get your “game on,” check out these awesome downloadable Zoom backgrounds from JEOPARDY!®.

This Online Group Play feature is also a fantastic way to keep teams connected and feeling valued and appreciated during this difficult time. Win. Win.

Energize Your Virtual Meetings with a JEOPARDY!® Game!

The official JEOPARDY!® for Training game, created in partnership with Jeopardy Productions, Inc., follows the classic rules of America’s Favorite Quiz Show®. Each game you create can include up to three rounds – JEOPARDY!®, Double JEOPARDY!®, and Final JEOPARDY!® – plus “Daily Doubles.” The first two rounds consist of three to five categories each containing three to five text, image, or video clues. Responses can be formatted for text input or multiple choice. Players compete for Leaderboard dominance by racking up points in the first two rounds and going big in Final JEOPARDY!® Click here to play a sample game.

The Training Arcade®, a Do It Yourself game-authoring tool with a library of  8 games, allows anyone to create games in minutes. All of the games, created with your own content, can be played by your employees anytime on any device at their own leisure. 

Seamless Integration with Top Video Conferencing Apps

Here are just a few of the video-sharing software platforms that seamlessly integrate into The Training Arcade®:

Implementing games into your virtual meetings is easy and can be done in minutes.

Feature rich virtual training

The Training Arcade® offers engaging game templates and a robust set of features,  all of which are designed for easy deployment and extensive insights.

All games include the following:

You’re one step away from engaging learners and impressing everyone.

Need Custom Games?

Please email us for a quote if you would like any of the following custom services:

  • Designing custom game themes to match your company’s brand guidelines 
  • Helping to build games for you
  • Helping to map games to your performance objectives
  • Instructional Design / Script Writing / Question and Answer Writing
  • Asset creation to bring your games to life (Graphic Design, Animation, Images) 
  • Live-Action Video Production for our Scenarios game mechanic or other games
  • Training and support for Virtual and Live Instructor-Led meetings
  • Adding new languages
  • We can also develop completely new custom games for your needs, see a portfolio of our custom work here
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