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Make Virtual Meetings More Engaging and Effective With Games 

Make Virtual Meetings More Engaging and Effective With Games

During this unprecedented time, work routines have changed for the majority of people around the world. While people are working remotely, there is an even greater need to stay connected and informed with virtual meetings. Companies still need to get creative about training employees and keeping them engaged in meetings.

Video conferencing calls have always been a part of business, but today these calls represent the majority of our day-to-day business lives. Adding games to online meetings ensures active participants.

The Training Arcade®, a Do It Yourself game-authoring tool with a library of eight games, allows anyone to create games in minutes. All of the games, created with your own content, can be played by your employees anytime on any device at their own leisure. Two of the games in particular, Jeopardy!® and Trivia, can be used for your remote meetings by using the Virtual Instructor Mode.

Hhere are just a few of the video-sharing software platforms that The Training Arcade® seamlessly integrates into:

Implementing gamified training into your virtual meetings is easy to do with some general steps.

  1. As an Admin, you can build your game within The Training Arcade® platform
  2. Select the Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) mode
  3. Set permissions for your Virtual instructor
  4. The Admin can turn Registration on in order to capture details about each player such as their first name and initials so they will appear on the Leaderboard to encourage competition if desired
  5. Copy the game url (automatically populated in The Training Arcade®’s Admin portal) and paste it in the meeting chatbox of your video conference so your employees can click on the link to start the game on their device
  6. Once all players are ready, the Virtual Instructor can initiate and start the game
  7. The Instructor can now lead the game and ask a player to pick a category if they are playing Jeopardy!® or if Trivia is being played, the Instructor can read the question aloud
  8. Next, the Instructor shows the possible answers. Each player, as well as the Instructor, will be able to see if they answered the question correctly (or incorrectly).
  9. Feedback can be given to the learner and this can open a discussion between employees
  10. The Instructor can continue game play following these steps until all questions are answered
  11. The Instructor can show the Leaderboard at any time during the game and after the game is finished so everyone can see who is in the top 10, including the winner!

When your virtual meeting event is over, the Instructor can access the analytics for any game to pull data from a particular game session. If the game was played in multiple sessions, you can pull data for each session separately by clicking on the sessions tab inside the Admin panel or from the analytics page of the game.

Whether you are inviting your team to a screen share or having a small virtual training session, The Training Arcade®’s Jeopardy!® and Trivia games are a great way for companies to experience virtual game-based learning and training!

If you are using a particular video conferencing tool and would like a demo on how to implement gamified training or if you have questions, please contact Jaime McDonald at jaime.mcdonald@thetrainingarcade.com.

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