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Professional Meet Up Series!

Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

Join Us for JEOPARDY!®️ Every Friday at 1 pm ET

Play a JEOPARDY!® Game on fun pop-culture content live on Zoom! There is a new game every week!

Experience First-Hand How Games Can Super Charge Your Training.

Interested in dramatically improving the effectiveness of your training?

The Research Institute of America found that eLearning increases retention rates 25% to 60% while retention rates of face-to-face training are very low in comparison: 8% to 10% *

The Case for Game-Based Training

While the Learning & Development industry focuses on return on investment (ROI), we at The Training Arcade® decided to try and put our arms around the math.  While it’s indisputable that an investment in employee training will lead to improvements in productivity and company profits, there is not much consensus on how much each dollar invested in training will yield additional dollars to the bottom line.

This ebook discusses the comprehensive benefits of game-based training and gamification and how it can make your training more effective.

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Train Online- Save Time & Learn More

Companies save 40 - 60% in time with online training vs traditional classrooms

Increase Knowledge Retention Rates

Retention rates soar into the 75-90% rate as more active learning modalities are used.

Increase Revenue & employee Productivity

Companies offering online training show a 26% increase in employee productivity.

Boost Your Competitive Edge

72% of organizations using online training believe it boosts their competitive edge.

The Training Arcade® Team

We are software developers, illustrators, animators, game and instructional designers with expertise in creating game-based educational solutions.  Since 2007, The Game Agency has been educating millions of students and training employees with its award-winning games and gamification software. 

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