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Professional Meet Up Series!

Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

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Sales Enablement training on a whole new level

59% of companies that surpassed revenue targets use sales enablement – Forbes

Sales Enablement – buzzword or pain relief for your biggest sales and marketing challenges?

Sales enablement is a cross-functional disciplined approach to continually motivating, supporting and refining the skills of your sales team in order for them to reach optimal performance. It should be no surprise that sales enablement is fast becoming a top priority among businesses large and small. Why? Because companies with dedicated sales enablement teams are enjoying, on average, 15% better win rates than those without. 

By the numbers

The impact is clear. Organizations that have undertaken a sales enablement initiative have seen a 350% increase in content usage and 65% more revenue generated by new sales reps.


55% of Sales Reps lack fundamental selling skills


65% increase in revenue by sales using a sales enablement platform


84% of sales reps achieve quota using Sales Enablement

sales enablement Training Solutions

Can The Training Arcade® games be incorporated into a sales enablement Platform? Absolutely!

  • Virtual Training

  • On any device

  • Customize & Quantify

The Training Arcade is a complete gamification training platform ready to receive your content and build a highly targeted sales training solution. When you consider that successful sales enablement strategies combine formal and informal learning activities that are customized and measured, training gamification makes total sense. Here are a few reasons why:  

  • Use as a Virtual Sales Training Tool, Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Train One or Many. Instructor Led One-on-One and Group Play
  • Customize with Your Videos, Images and Content
  • Quickly Gamify Your Topic Using Popular Learning Formats
  • Easily Intergate with Your LMS, Powerpoint or Zoom
  • Go Global. Translate into 16 Languages.
  • Quantifiable ROI, Measure and Prove Success with Analytics Tools
  • JEOPARDY!®, Wheel of Fortune® and 8 More to Choose From

Expert Support Build it as you like, but you don't have to do it alone.

Our staff are steeped in knowledge about the best practices in learning modalities and we are here to help when you need support. Since 2007… we have… The Training Arcade™’s founding partners honed their skills in companies like Atari…have specialized yada yada sentence about the kind of experts TTA are.

We support you every step of the way. From personalized onboarding to professional game hosting, we’ve got your back. Sales enablement your way.

Our Premium Services Include:

Admin Onboarding

Phone Support

Train the Trainer

Standard SSO Implementation

Game Building

Content Writing

Instructional Design

Game Template Design

Virtual Meeting Hosts

Event Production

Analytics and Data

Event Prep & Rehearsal

Costs? Affordable Subscriptions for Up to 1,000 Players Built To Deliver Results Sales Trainers Need

The Training Arcade® lets you organize all your content—eLearning, videos, classroom training, job aids, etc.—in one place.

With Arcades™, learners can participate in:

  • Player-to-Player Challenges
  • Team Tournaments
  • Daily Mini-Games
  • Level-Up and Achievements Systems
  • Point tracking via individual game leaderboards
  • Global Leaderboard powered by Experience Points earned along the way.


The Training Arcade® analytics dashboard is engineered to unveil patterns of individual and group engagement with your material, thereby improving your training ROI by revealing knowledge gaps, personality behaviors, and group comparison. Sort topline data including the number of users, scores, rank, sessions, session duration, % of questions correct / incorrect, and total questions answered.



Sort data by date for comparison purposes and export as a CSV file to share with stakeholders.


Analyze individual outcomes by looking at all sessions played, how each player answered each question by session, how many attempts it took them before answering a question correctly, and identify insights into knowledge acquisition and retention.

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Game-Based Learning

Motivate Cloud leverages The Training Arcade,® a DIY game builder and practice playground to make corporate training more fun and effective. Companies that use this feature report much more engaged employees and much better insights into what each employee knows.

Real-World Gamification

Motivate Cloud Rewards takes LMS gamification to the next level and keeps employees engaged by letting them earn coins, unlock badges, level up, and climb the leaderboard for completing training and sharing helpful content. Everything they earn can be used to redeem their coins for real-world prizes.

The results? A 5.5x increase in course completions.

A few of our clients using The Training Arcade

Sales Enablment made simple with The Training Arcade® – connect and train your sales team from anywhere

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