Why The Training Arcade™?

Currently, the majority of eLearning courses need help creating:

  • 1) A place to emotionally engage their learners and motivate them forward.
    2) A place for users to sufficiently practice what they just read or heard. (It is in the practice where the learning really occurs.)
    3) A place to accurately measure the users understanding of what they learned.

What Does The Training Arcade™ Deliver?

  • 1) Deep assessment of your employee's knowledge of the learning content
    2) A practice playground in which they willingly and repeatedly engage with the material
    3) A positive emotional connection with your learning themes and strategies
    4) A way to shine a spotlight on corrective action required at the individual and group levels

Library of Games

Choose from our growing library of fun games such as Jump, Match, Scramble, and Recall. Games are designed to drive more meaningful and rewarding experiences and to increase knowledge retention.

Game Authoring Tool™

No programing skills are necessary. With our intuitive game builder, you can create, publish, and share games as a stand alone URL or as part of your favorite Learning Management System (LMS). These games are SCORM compliant.

Leaderboards and Analytics

Learners compete for the high score. System admins track each learner’s results, looking into question level data and analyzing comprehension and behavioral trends.

Analytics Dashboard

The Training Arcade™ analytics dashboard is engineered to unveil patterns of individual and group engagement with your material. It delivers actionable data to improve your training ROI by revealing knowledge gaps, personality behaviors, and group comparisons.

93% of companies that use game-based learning say it is superior to other forms of rich-skill practice.

As a complement to traditional eLearning, games increase retention 15x more than traditional methods alone. 15x