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Professional Meet Up Series!

Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

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Leveraging Games & Competition to Improve Knowledge

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In these challenging times, we’re all trying to figure out ways to keep our teams engaged and learning as they work from home. Game-based learning can be an effective way to virtually train and motivate a global salesforce. Nick Albert, Director of Sales and Operations at Radius Health knows this firsthand. He implemented a game-based training strategy to motivate his management and sales teams. He incorporated new technology designed for “head-to-head” and “beat-the-boss” challenges, and other fun competitions. He saw a more energized team as they sought to earn points and compete on global leaderboards for prizes and recognition, in preparation for their national sales meeting. Their entire sales team played over 10,000 gameplay sessions. In this webinar we’ll show you how much their knowledge retention increased! Jaime McDonald, EVP, Customer Success at The Game Agency and Nick Albert from Radius share the amazing results the Radius team achieved after 12 weeks of game-based learning and competition. In this webinar, we:

  • Discussed the benefits of game-based training
  • Provided 5 steps to creating a gamified experience in your organization
  • Showed how Radius implemented a gamified training program with points, “head-to-head” challenges, leaderboard competition and repetitive play
  • Explored how to use gamified challenges such as “beat-the-boss” and “spin-to-win” to further motivate gameplay and learning
  • Learned the importance of using rich analytics to understand the results of your training efforts

You can also play a demo of our JEOPARDY!® game right here! Gamify your next training seminar, event, or conference using games from The Training Arcade® like JEOPARDY!® or Wheel of Fortune!®

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