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Learning & Development
Professional Meet Up Series!

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Integrating The Training Arcade® with Your LMS is Easy

Learning Management Systems (LMS). Love them or hate them, we all have one and use it to varying degrees of success. It can take months to select one, then more time to set it up, and then even more time to convince your team to use it. And if you don’t have one, check out this LMS.

So, whether you love or hate your LMS, don’t worry, once you subscribe to The Training Arcade®, integrations with our games are a piece of cake. 

The Training Arcade game authoring tool offers subscribers highly polished, easy-to-use customizable game templates and a robust set of gamification features.  The platform enables simple integration with existing training deployment infrastructure as well as the extraction of extensive insights.

Our games can also be easily published as a SCORM package (using SCORM 2004: 3rd Edition and SCORM 1.2) for distribution to learners via the majority of LMSs.

It’s easy to integrate The Training Arcade with your existing LMS!

Easy and Actionable Analytics

Games in The Training Arcade provide instant, actionable data, and feedback to both you and your learners even when tied into your LMS. 

Some of the easily viewable data include:

  • Game/course completion
  • Accuracy per game and per question
  • Time spent per game and per question
  • Overall player trends 
  • Specific player trends
  • And much more

All of this data is easily accessible in The Training Arcade and can also be SCORM wrapped, or downloaded into Excel format. 

How Can I Start to Gamify my Training?

Relive the magic of an arcade with Arcades™! Arcades is our gamified learning destination and allows you to create learning journeys, upload courses, and link to websites or pdfs. You can motivate learners through leaderboards, achievements, points, and prizes to drive engagement with your training materials. 

Arcades also provides tons of actionable data to help you upskill, reskill, or just plain skill your employees. The feedback for both you and the learner is instant so learners won’t need to wait around for the results of their training and you won’t need to provide feedback afterward.

Arcades provides all the tools you need to gamify your learning.

Integrate The Training Arcade and Gamify Your Training Today

It’s a piece of cake to harness the power of games with The Training Arcade and Arcades. 

  • Easily share your games with a URL or SCORM package
  • Integrate games into your LMS through SCORM wrapping
  • Use our easy analytic tools to assess your learners
  • Provide instant feedback to you and your learners
  • Engage your learners and help increase retention of your training materials

To see just how easy it is, use this link to pick a time with one of our experts to show you the ropes and also get you a free trial.  


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