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Gamification – How Data and Analytics Help Shape Measurable Success

What makes a successful training for long-term businesses and organizations? How do we measure success with modern technology? The Game Agency strives to answer this and many other questions where learning doesn’t have to be mundane or strenuous for both learners and instructors. Instead, we believe the numbers speak for themselves upon a closer look. Statistics and data can be an ally when producing the results you desire – or at least an inside look into what can use some improvement. 

Numbers are Your Friend

Thanks to advanced technology, training is no longer just a presentation with PowerPoints and notes. Learners have a higher retention rate when games are used in a training strategy versus traditional classroom training. We conducted a study of anonymous aggregated data from 2500 games built in The Training Arcade® that showed a 58% improvement in knowledge retention between the 1st and 3rd attempts. Learners also played the training games an average of 1.7X per session. 

Analytics help emphasize the patterns of an individual or group engagement with the material. The numbers can help identify:

  • Knowledge gaps
  • Personality behaviors
  • Performance compared to the group
  • Trends

Analytics Dashboard

The Training Arcade’s dashboard gives you full access to data that measures the performance of your learners. Everything is available in the CMS for easy access to the information you may be searching for in just a few clicks. Data is king, and the tools that support your training are the keys to success – in whichever way you define your success.  

The Topline Data available includes (but is not limited to):

  • Number of users
  • Scores
  • Rank
  • Sessions
  • Session duration
  • Correct/Incorrect questions (%)
  • Total Questions Anserwered

Identifying what type of learner you have and what they are retaining can be measured through the collected data. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

Understanding your learners is vital to managing training for future users and any modifications needed for successful results. Imagine the capabilities once you have a road map to better learning experiences!

Exported Data

Working with The Training Arcade means access to data that can be exported for full insight and a deeper delve into the numbers. The information available is similar to the dashboard info but has more details about the question responses and the number of attempts of the learners. The answers to your questions can be found literally and figuratively in the data. 

Data Rules & You Can Too!

Sustaining content that engages your learner and keeps them coming back improves the learners’ chance at success and gains new opportunities for you and your team. Our experience in creating training games that work is all in the numbers. Don’t just take our word for it! Access The Training Arcade to experience the informative data that comes through once your learners start their learning journeys. We can provide the tools to guide them. Schedule a 15-minute call here and we’ll show you how easy it is. 


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