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Jump Up and Get Down with Training Games

Training games are perfect for increasing engagement with your learners. But even the best-crafted trivia games are only asking the player to answer a question. Learners want some action in their training- something that raises the stakes. 

How can we bring action to training while also harnessing the proven knowledge checks of trivia games? We can Jump! 

Jump Around

Jump is one of the 10 games available in The Training Arcade® that creates excitement while encouraging repeat interaction with your training material.

Players navigate their avatar to jump from platform to platform and receive power-ups for answering questions you’ve crafted along the way. 

This creates a winning combination of physically engaging the learner in addition to the knowledge check that trivia provides. 

You can also use different question types to engage multiple learning styles. Multiple choice, multi-select, text-input, image matching, and audience polls are all question types included in Jump. 

Combine fast-paced gameplay with knowledge check questions for a winning combination! 


Jump is a perfect way to harness the power of microlearning in your training. Most Jump games can be played in 5 minutes or less. These “bite-sized” learning units are a great way to engage learners with short attention spans. Meaning, everyone these days! 


During a Jump game, learners answer a question to earn power-ups before they move back to “jumping” around the game board. The physical engagement provides a fun brain break, so when learners are presented with the next question they are refreshed and ready to engage with the material.

This is the power of microlearning. Impart small pieces of knowledge quickly so the learner can shift their attention.

Repeat Play

Depending on the number of questions in your game, learners will likely answer the same questions more than once. This gives them multiple opportunities to correct a wrong answer and reinforces the right answer when they get there. More competitive learners might repeat the entire game to improve their score on the leaderboard and learn even more along the way!

Wash, rinse, and repeat and you have a winning combination for your training. 

Game Customization

Engaging game mechanics are one thing, but having engaging and fun visuals or branding takes it to another level. With The Training Arcade, our team can create custom skins – like the ones below –  to further engage and delight your audience. 

Using custom “skins” for your games is more visually appealing and just plain fun. And if your learners are having fun they’re more engaged with their training which makes it more effective.

We even had Seth Rogen and Weill Cornell Medicine team up to promote Alzheimer’s awareness.
Maybe origami is your style? We can create any custom skin you like for your game!
Frosty here can even Jump and learn about the holidays!

Make Your Next Meeting Fun

Microlearning games like Jump are a great way to break up virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and make meetings more interactive. Through The Training Arcade, you can quickly and easily share a URL to your audience through any chat feature and they can play a game! A Jump game could take as little as a few minutes to play and energizes your learners or meeting attendees while also providing a knowledge check. 

To note, this would be an asynchronous experience, however, if you’re on a video call you can play a game on one side of the screen and have your zoom meeting open on the other. We do it all the time and it’s a great way to engage and motivate your audience, learn, and have fun!

Even if you catch them red-handed for not paying attention, you can share the game with your audience after the meeting and test them multiple times if needed. Also, that gives them the chance to get a higher score on the leaderboard so convincing them to play more than once shouldn’t be too hard!

Be a Training Hero

Since its addition to The Training Arcade, over 3,500 different Jump games have been created by our users and over 2 million game sessions have been played. Join these training heroes and get a free trial of The Training Arcade, including Jump, to start gamifying your training today! 

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